This Symposium considers all aspects of communication-based automatic control network systems. Thus advanced methods related to:

●control technologies (remote control, networked control, supervisory control, distributed control

●communication technology (wireless communication for autonomous systems, vehicular and robotics)

●information processing (distributed information systems, embedded systems, augmented reality, security aspects)

●digitalization of industrial production (networked cars, industry 4.0, cyber physical systems, distributed networked satellites)

are within the scope of the Symposium.

Topics of Interest

The symposium areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

● telematic methods, mathematics of networked systems

● control through networks, control of networks

● cyber physical systems, internet of things

● industry 4.0, digitalization of industrial production

● interoperability for distributed systems

● machine to machine communications

● traffic control systems, smart and networked cars

intelligent homes and ambient intelligence

smart grids for energy supply

mobile sensor networks, remote sensor data acquisition

tele-robotics, networked robots, cloud robotics

spacecraft operations, distributed networked satellites

tele-operations, remote control, tele-maintenance

tele-education, European-Chinese lab activities to realize networked CPPS

tele-medicine and e-health